Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of booking.


Bespoke terms and conditions will be sent prior to your stay, however these are the general terms and conditions that apply to all bookings

‘The owner’ refers to Holidays by the Sea who are working on behalf of and representing the owners of the caravan.

'The Letter' refers to the individual who is booking the holiday

1.0Booking, deposits and payment

1.1 Any individual wishing to book the caravan must pay a deposit of £50 in order to confirm the booking.

1.2 The names of all individuals who will be staying in the caravan will need to be given prior to your stay.  No other individuals will be permitted to stay in the caravan and will be removed by security.

1.3 Once the £50 deposit has been received, the reservation will be confirmed.  The owner will send confirmation along with park information on receipt of the balance.

1.4 Deposits are non-refundable in any circumstances

1.5 The balance of any booking is required as stipulated by the owners.

1.6 Once the balance has been received, passes will be purchased by the owner(if included) and information about the park will be sent to the letter by the owner.

1.7 Failure to pay the balance will result in the caravan being released and let to another party. No refund will be issued in these circumstances of any monies paid.

2.0 Pet free caravans only:

2.2 All pets are strictly prohibited.

2.3 Security are given details of the letters including that they are not permitted to bring a pet.

2.4 If a pet is found to be in the caravan during your break, you will be asked to leave and your damage bond will be retained to pay for the caravan to be deep cleaned.

2.5 In addition, if you are asked to leave the caravan prior to the end of your break due to having a pet in the caravan, no monies will be refunded.

2.6 If after your break there is evidence of a pet being in the caravan, photographic evidence will be provided and your damage bond will be withheld for additional cleaning.


3.0 Passes

3.1 Prices quoted do not include passes unless specified and letters can purchase these directly from the park.  Owners can not get a deduction on passes and the owners do not make any profit on the passes issued.

3.3 Passes allow letters to have access to the full facilities including the entertainment venues, swimming pool and arcades but some activities such as the fishing lake, fair ground rides for example are in addition.  Please check with the park on arrival what is included with your passes.

4.0 Bed linen

4.1 Bed linen is included in all bookings and beds will me made ready for your arrival.

5.0 Caravan care

5.1 The owners will ensure that the caravan is supplied in a clean, tidy and safe condition with a full inventory of items.

5.2 The owners will ensure that the caravan is maintained and holds current gas and electricity safety certificates.

5.3 The owners care about their caravan and ask that all letters show consideration for the fact that it is a privately owned caravan that is let out in order to help cover costs of ownership.  Therefore, please ensure that the caravan is left in a clean, tidy condition and that no damage is caused.

5.4 Any damage that is caused by the letter will result in the owners recovering any monies to rectify the damage along with compensation to cover any cancellations as a result of the damage caused.

5.5 Smoking/vaping is strictly prohibited in the caravan.  Letters are requested to ensure that the pitch area is kept clear and that any cigarette butts are tidied and taken away upon vacating the caravan.

5.6 All bookings will require a £75 bond in addition to the caravan hire fee.  This bond will be fully refunded within 10 days of the caravan being vacated by the letter on condition of the following:

No damage has been caused to the caravan or pitch

No items have been stolen

There is no excessive cleaning required

All cutlery/pots/pans etc are washed and put away

No pets have been in the caravan during your stay (pet free caravans).


5.7 If the letter notices damage to the caravan on arrival, they need to notify the owner immediately otherwise the owner will assume that the letter has caused the damage and will withhold the bond.

5.8 It is the letters responsibility to ensure that the heating, gas fire, gas oven and lights are all switched off upon leaving and cutlery, glasses, pots, plates, pans cups etc are all cleaned and returned to their respective cupboards.  Failure to do this will result in the damage bond being withheld.

5.9 The maximum capacity of this caravan is stipulated on the booking notice and must not go above this under any circumstances.

6.0 Park Rules

6.1 The park is aimed at families and therefore the park doesn’t allow the following:

*Groups of individuals under the age of 21

* Hen parties

6.2 Any letter who is causing offence, behaves in an unruly manner or is too noisy may be removed from the park by security.  In this scenario, no refund will be issued and the owner is not responsible for any accommodation for the remaining period of the letters holiday.

6.3 Only one car is allowed to park on the pitch and any further vehicles must be parked in the main car park opposite reception.

6.4 The speed limit on the park is restricted to 9 ¾ mph

6.5 There are areas of open water near some parks so please ensure young children or vulnerable adults are supervised.

7.0 Cancellations

7.1 Letters can cancel the booking at any point however no refund will be issued.  Therefore it is strongly recommended that letters obtain their own holiday insurance.

7.2 if the holiday is cancelled by the owners, then a full refund will be issued.


8.0 Data Protection

8.1 Your information is kept in line with the GDPR legislation which is outlined in our Privacy Policy

Pet friendly caravans: The Horizon Pet, The Beachcomber, The Arizona Pet, The Arizona Pet 2, The Solara the Tebay pet, ,the Salsa Pet and the Salsa Pet 2 only

1.0 Dogs

1.1 The owners allow dogs in the caravan at their discretion.

1.2 All dogs must be well behaved and not cause damage to the caravan or disruption to other guests on the park

1.3 Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times when on the park and be supervised by an adult.

1.4 All dog mess must be picked up and put in a bin that is not stored within the caravan

1.5 The parks do not allow certain breeds of dogs therefore guests interested in letting the caravan will need to specify the breed of dog with the owner prior to booking. Breeds not permitted are Pitt Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasielaro & Japanese Tosa

1.6 The owners ask that dogs are not allowed onto furniture or in bedrooms in the caravan

1.7 Any damage or flea infestation caused by a dog will result in the £75 damage bond being retained and any further costs relating to this will be reclaimed from the individual who made the booking.

1.8 Failure to abide by these rules may result in the owners no longer allowing dogs to stay in the caravan as these have been put in place to safeguard everyone and allow dog owners to have a more luxurious stay at the park.