For Hire on Mablethorpe Chalet Park

Below are details of caravans and chalets for hire on the chalet park. Unfortunately you cannot book through Holidays by the Sea for the accommodation listed, but you can book directly with the owners.

Please note that the contract of hire is between you and the owner and is not connected to Holidays by the Sea in any capacity. Although owners are verified at the point of listing, it is strongly advised that individuals do the necessary research prior to booking a holiday.

The Salsa on Mablethorpe Chalet Park

Available to hire from March until November

Bedrooms: 3
Berth 6
Heating type: Warm Air
Double Glazed: yes
Decking: No
Pet Friendly: yes
Let type Holiday let

Our lovely Salsa Eco caravan is sited on large end plot next to car friendly 3 bedrooms 2 toilets double glazed warm air heating.Mon to Fri .Fri to Mon and full weeks available. .May half term all Easter holidays, July and August dates available.

Contact Julie on 07876246516 or 07510326985 for more information or to book