Carpet & upholstery cleaning


for sofa and carpet cleaning we have chosen a company who has shown us some outstanding results last season. They spend a lot of time in each caravan and do not rush the process, the products and equipment they use is high quality and they send me photos of the finished job. Jonathan also checks it prior to payment.

Prices are as follows
£50 for all upholstery
£45 for all carpets
£80 for all upholstery and all carpets done together.

No additional charge for seating pads/stools, these will be included in price of upholstery and they will clean rugs and mats in vans together with the carpet price.

The contract of work is between you and the service provider. All are approved by the relevant park
We have trialled all of our preferred suppliers over the last season and although some may not be the cheapest, we have found the quality and reliability is there. You are more than welcome to use your own suppliers or Haven/Parkdean but we are giving those who want us to handle everything the option of doing so.

Normally these can be booked through us, and we will then pay it on your behalf and deduct it from your rentals.

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